Timeline: Deadly Mass Shootings in the United States

People in Las Vegas are still reeling from the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. At least 58 are dead and more than 400 are injured. The shooting in Las Vegas has more victims than any other single-shooter massacre.


WHERE: Pulse Nightclub

WHEN: June 12, 2016

WHO: Omar Mateen

HOW MANY: Killed 49 and injured 58


WHERE: Sandy Hook Elementary

WHEN: December 14, 2012

WHO: Adam Lanza

HOW MANY: Killed 27 and injured two


WHERE: Virginia Tech

WHEN: April 16, 2007

WHO: Seung-Hui Cho

HOW MANY: Killed 32 and injured 23

NOTE: The deadliest mass shooting until the Pulse Nightclub shooting last year.


WHERE: Luby’s Cafeteria

WHEN: October 16, 1991

WHO: George Hennard killed 23 and injured 27.

NOTE: Luby’s shooting was the deadliest mass shooting for more than 15 years.




By: Mary Carol Butterfield



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