A bill that would allow guns in schools is headed to the Georgia Rules Committee for a vote. The bill passed the Georgia House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee yesterday. This bill is hoping to provide protection and prevent school shootings. House Bill thirty five will give school boards the authority to determine if they feel the guns are needed and who may carry one. Oconee County Sheriff Scott Barry thinks this bill could be beneficial.

“One of the things that we know that stops an active shooter is being confronted by someone with the ability to stop the assault. Any time-As soon as an active shooter is confronted, in 84% of cases they immediately stop what they’re doing,” he said.

If the bill is passed it will allow administrators to carry a fire arm on school property, school busses, and at school events. University of Georgia Chief Jimmy Williamson was more indifferent about the bill.

“You know, if this is what people want it’s probably a good stance. Application will be determined by local control,” he said.

The Clarke County School District has no plans to add more guns to school property. They said in a statement, “the Clarke County School District has School Resource Officers in all of middle and high schools, as well as increased patrol of all schools through our close working relationship with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. We have no plans to bring more guns onto school property.”

The date of the next vote isn’t public, but we will update you when it happens.

For Grady Newsource– Cody Godwin.


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