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Reporter Teman Worku is sitting down with the Athen Clarke County Police Department today to discuss the recent peaks in crimes that could be gang related. 

Hospital Upgrade

Athens Regional Hospital is getting new technology this year. Reporter Jazmin Calhoun will have updates for you on what technology they are getting and how it can help their patients.

Life Saving Bracelets:

Barrow County is introducing Project Lifesaver bands that are wristbands to help special needs children by allowing for parents to be able to locate them. Natalie Roe will have more on this story and how they will help these children. 


Reporter Jared Sweat will have the latest in Athens high school baseball, Georgia’s softball team, and Georgia’s men’s golf team.

University of Georgia

UGA wants students to say, “Hi”. It is Dawg Tag Day at UGA. Dawg Tag Day encourages students to wear name tags and increase the feel of community on campus. Reporter SK Bowen will be covering how the day goes today. 


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