5 People that are Making the Best of the Snow Day

ATHENS, GA- Power outages, icy roads, falling trees/branches…no doubt this winter storm has taken our city by force.

Here are a few snap shots from around the North Georgia area of people who are making the best out of this winter weather:


1.) This creative dad, who used his winter-weathered swimming pool to send a greeting to his son



2.) This cute little baby who isn’t sure whether she likes the snow or not just yet.


3.) These girls who decided that even though the ground was covered in ice and snow, that as long as you have your boots on it’s never too cold for shorts


4.) This girl who really just wants to jump on the trampoline, but the snow got to it first


5.) Or these little guys who decided to avoid the snow altogether and take the ultimate nap on their day off


Be safe out there and send us your snow pictures!

**In order, photos courtesy of: Charlie Williams, Priscilla Burnette, Jill Pratt, Rusty Newman, and Meredith Smith

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