Study: Cup of Joe Could Be Way to Go

Coffee and caffeine haven’t always been good things for health, but today a cup of joe might not be a bad idea. Two cups of coffee a day could improve the effects of liver cirrhosis, according to a recent study by the Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics

More than 430,000 people participated in this study in at least 1990 different cases. The conclusion to their study suggests that increasing coffee consumption may substantially reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis.The number of deaths from liver cirrhosis has increased exponentially since 1980.
Athens Starbucks manager Jason Corrigan says, “I feel like I wouldn’t see much of an increase, but anything that helps my business, I welcome.”
Jittery Joes barista Catherine Pate agrees. She says, “I don’t think it will necessarily bring an instant boom to the business. I think it will be a slow-rising boom.” Pate also says, “I definitely think some coffee shops will try and take advantage of it. Not in a negative way, but try to reach out to people and let them know.”
Either way, both of these coffee shops will continue with business as usual.
By: Danielle Lewan


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