AcroYoga Becomes New Fitness Trend in Athens

ATHENS — You can be an acrobat without flying through the air. It’s all part of a new fitness craze that is pushing boundaries.

What is AcroYoga? Acro Athens owner Juli Bierwirth explains.

AcroYoga combines the partner work of acrobatics with the meditative poses of yoga. The result is one person balancing on top of a partner in a precarious pose. It’s a trust-building exercise that offers both physical and mental health benefits.

People build easy relationships through this exercise. That’s probably because of all the touching. Hand-to-hand, foot-to-knee and shin-to-hip contact all help get one person up in the air.

The students at Acro Athens have built a community around this trendy work out. The founders of this AcroYoga studio have seen their class sizes grow about five times larger in just six months.


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