Afternoon Webcast 8/26

We have some breaking news since our webcast this morning. An Athens man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison with no parole on drug trafficking charges. We will keep you updated throughout the day and will have the full story tonight at 5.

We have an update on our Megabus story. One of our reporters spoke to the Supervisor of the bus system in Athens and learned that there are approximately fifteen to twenty people who use the bus in the mornings. We’re still waiting to hear from Megabus about these possible time changes.

Local Athens theatre Cine will be featuring the movie The Spectacular Now all this week. The film was directed by an Athens native and shot in Athens during the summer of 2012. Stay tuned tonight at 5 to see some of the locations that were used in the film.

In national news, the second teen believed to be responsible for the World War two veteran’s death last week was taken into custody around 3 a.m. The name of the first suspect has yet to be released.

Internationally, a UN vehicle was shot at by snipers just outside of Damascus today. According to reports, the team involved is safe with no injuries.

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