Gooligan Named as New Android Virus

Athens, Ga. —  If you have a device running the Android operating system, you may be at risk of catching a new virus named “Gooligan.”

Yes, “Gooligan.” Not Hooligan.

Websites that host the virus tell visitors they need to download a third party application. These apps contain malware and will take control of your phone or tablet. It can steal your Google account and other personal information.

A host of the Technically Speaking podcast says if you want to avoid getting “Gooligan,” keep your operating system up to date and watch out for third party apps.

“Don’t download third party apps unless you know what you’re doing. This isn’t going to be the last android virus,” says Nate Harris, host of Technically Speaking.

In August, the malware “Dress Code” was found in more than 40 apps and 400 additional apps on third party app stores, so “Gooligan” is definitely not the first and probably not the last android virus that Check Point will have to combat.

According to Check Point, “Gooligan” began to attack phones back in August and has since grown and breached over one million accounts. Most of which are in Asia, but Check Point’s website found that 19% of the one million devices infected are in the Americas.

If you want to check to see if your device is infected, click here.

By: Kendall Meissner and Nathanial McDaniel


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