Athens Health Clinic Helps Patients for Free

Athens, GA- Athens residents can get medical care free of charge. A volunteer-based health clinic gives much-needed medical care to local uninsured people. While many healthcare providers have gone home for the night and facilities have closed their doors, one local health center is gearing up for lots of action.  Mercy Health Center has its busiest times during the evening clinics.

Mercy Health Center is filled with the usual hustle and bustle of a doctor’s office, but there, patients leave with no bills to pay. The medical care comes from all types of volunteers: medical doctors, pharmacists, physical therapists, and even dentists.  They say they are healthcare providers who believe in giving back.

Taylor Raeford is the Pharmacy Coordinator, and he says other Athens-area hospitals help provide some of the resources they need.

David Sanders, Mercy’s Volunteer Coordinator, says there is a huge need for healthcare for uninsured people in the Athens Community.  He says he hopes the free health care is only temporary for Mercy’s patients. He wants patients to “get the help they need and then get back on their feet.”  He says, “We don’t want Mercy to be a permanent home for anybody.”

Mercy Website is:


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