More Hands-On Learning Experiences Could be Coming to UGA

Athens, GA- UGA may be headed to a more hands-on learning system.  Originally proposed last Fall, the Director of PR for the Office of Senior Vice-President or Academic Affairs and Provost Sam Fahmy says the proposal for experimental learning would basically require coursework that would involve some type of hands on learning.  This could be anything from internships to study abroad opportunities. Some departments and colleges within the university have been doing this for decades, like the College of Education and Grady College.

Studies conducted by Perdue University and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences have found active learning more effective.

This movement towards experiential learning was first approved in the UGA Executive Committee meeting last week.  It is now on the agenda for the April 22nd meeting of the University Council.  Reporter Katie Kraft is looking to find out what this means for other students and their departments.

12:35 PM- Reporter Katie went to the Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center to speak with the Mathematics department head.IMG_1574The UGA Math Department Head Malcolm Adams says he doesn’t think this learning method is necessarily the best approach for all departments.  He says he thinks it would be much harder for the math department to implement this type of learning.




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