Athens’ Music Scene Photo Exhibit Featured Around Town

By: Brittany Chenelle

At the Oconee library the exhibit for the month belongs to native Athenian and UGA Alumni Richard Fay’s photography. He’s captured a number of photographs over the years that highlight the Athens music scene. Fay’s photo exhibit started earlier in January and will continue through the end of the month. It gives you a visual look into music in Athens.

This exhibit is his second. His first exhibit was a display in a Jittery Joe’s in five points.

“Their walls were empty they didnt have any art up, and they said ‘oh our artist canceled’ and I was like well can I put some pictures together and put them up and they were like sure go for it,” Fay said.

Photography has been a hobby of Fay’s since the early 2000’s. He started taking his hobby seriously after his first concert photoshoot.

“I wouldn’t say I really progressed until I went to my first band photo shoot,” Fay said. “So that’s what got me into it, I was like this so fun.”

One of the major things Athens is known for is the hype of its local music scene. DJ at WUOG 90.5 FM, Lawson Shambers believes Athens music is unique.

“It has that history which I feel like puts a sort of importance on Athens and people end up recognizing that and are drawn to it,” Shambers said.

Out of the many bands Fay has photographed, his favorite is The HEAP. Fay doesn’t plan on leaving the Athens community anytime soon, he has special place in his heart for the city.

“I love athens,” Fay said. “Ive always kind od had a soft spot for Athens.”

Fay said that experience helped him get better and that there’s no substitute to practice.


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