Athens Solid Waste Department Teaching Classes on How to Compost

ATHENS- The Athens solid waste department is trying to change how you see old banana peels and apple cores. The department is teaching a class to help people, like Lauren Zeichner, to learn how to compost. She said, “I have not been very successful in composting in the past and I said let us crack this nut let us figure out what this needs.”

More than thirty people are taking part in the class to learn how to decrease waste. The course lasts for three months, and the students receive a master composting certificate when they complete it.

The students learn a wide variety of compositing techniques that range in amount of effort needed. These techniques include learning how to build your own composting bin which can then be filled with different biodegradable materials. Chris McDowell taught the class how to build a compost bin. He says it is fun to show people how to become better composters.

“The key to teaching it is just making sure that people stay busy but at the same time they are having fun at what they are doing and I think they did that,” he said.

The group also got to see a compost bin in action. David Hoescht took the composting class a couple years ago. Since then, he has built several composting bins. He was happy to show the new class around his yard. “It helps them to say hey look this is what you can build. I don’t mind showing anybody anything. And with this class you can go home and build something real quick,” he said.

The class will be complete on April 1. After students receive their master composter certificate, they are required to volunteer for forty hours to help others learn this skill.


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