Athens Tech Parking Causing Problems for Students


It’s cold and rainy outside today. Students at Athens Tech are walking, even running to class to avoide the wetness. Parking is an issue for some students here.

“In the mornings, I have class all the way in the life science buildings and in the afternoon, I have classes in the K building. I can never find parking in the K building so I have to walk back and forth everyday. Weather like today sucks. I get cold, sick sometimes, and it is just annoying.” Says Tanya Calhoun-Burns– a student at Athens Tech.

“I think the main issue with parking is that classes are on the north side of campus and most of the parking is on the south side of campus which is not a long walk, but students want to park within 50 feet of their building.” Explains Dan Smith.
Smith says he has recieved complaints from parents wanting their children to be provided with golf carts or other transportation. But he says students just need to get up earlier. He actually encourages walking.

Now officials are saying that a parking lot is being added on to. However, because of weather like today, the process is taking longer than expected.

The new lot plans to finish up construction when the weather permits. Students pay a 15$ fee for parking, but have no assigned parking spaces. Lots are under a first come first serve basis

By Bailey Anderson



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