AthFest Educates Awards Winter Grants for Music and Arts

ATHENS, Ga. – Athens has a legendary music scene, and its next batch of musicians is getting an early start, thanks to AthFest Educates, which is giving money to local school programs to support the music and arts.

While bands at AthFest and runners at the AthHalf half-marathon provide plenty of entertainment to the town during these events, the money they raise directly benefits their community.  AthFest Educates recently awarded its winter grants to nine local elementary and middle school programs that will enhance their respective music and arts initiatives.  The grants total more than $25,000 and will impact thousands of students throughout Athens-Clarke County.

Five grants will go toward musical instrument purchases, two toward art supplies and programs, and two toward musical experiences and camps.

Jill Helme, AthFest Educates Executive Director, emphasizes how important and how much of an impact these grants can make.

“They (programs) don’t necessarily always have the funds that they need to be able to take their instruction to the next level and to do the really creative projects that they want because they don’t have the $2000 to make that happen,” Helme says.  “So it’s really important for them to be able to continue to be innovative with their young people that they have access to grants like these.”

To find out exactly to which schools and programs the AthFest Educates winter grants will go, visit its website.

By Corey Knapp


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