Where The Candidates are Standing in Other States

ATHENS, GA— It has been a good day for Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Trump is leading the Republican party with projected victories in five states as reported to CNN. These states include Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Alabama and Virginia.

Trump needs 1,237 delegates to secure the  victory on Super Tuesday. He is on his way to that number with 45 percent of the vote in Georgia.

Fellow Republican candidate Ted Cruz is a close second and CNN is reporting that Cruz has secured projected victories in Texas and Oklahoma.

Other candidates John Kaisch, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio have earned some votes but far behind both Trump and Cruz.

On the Democratic side, Clinton has the projected victory in six states. These states include Georgia, Arkansas, Virginia, Alabama, Texas and Tennessee. Clinton earned nearly 75 percent of the vote according to CNN in Georgia.

Fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has two projected wins so far in Vermont and Oklahoma. Both candidates needs 2,383 delegates to clinch the Democratic position on Super Tuesday.

By Staff Reports


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