Canine Cocktail Hour at Hotel Indigo

Athens, GA-Usually when you hear the word greyhound, you think of the dog, but we found out that this is just one of the drink specials offered at Hotel Indigo’s Canine Cocktail Hour.

The event started shortly after the hotel opened three years ago, and is still going strong every Wednesday despite our recent cold weather.

Dog owner, Holt Martin brought his white German Shepherd to the event and said that his favorite part is “getting to meet new people and seeing other dogs, I like it and he enjoys it, we both get something good out of it.”

Rusty Krueger, Food & Beverage Director at Hotel Indigo, also explained how the hotel offers everything to keep your dog happy, “we’ve got water bowls, we’ve got dog treats obviously we are gonna have some poop bags out there.”

Another owner, Jordan Dearman, brought her two Chihuahuas and said that although it was her first time going, she’s definitely planning on going again.

The Salty Dog and the Greyhound are the two special cocktails of the evening and are just $3.

Canine Cocktail Hour occurs every Wednesday on Hotel Indigo’s back patio from 5-7 pm.

Reporter: Jordan Bell


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