Athens Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Has Consequences

The Athens Anti Discrimination Ordinance was passed on Tuesday by commissioners, and here are some provisions. Listed below are what bars could face if they are found to be discriminating against citizens by the Athens-Clarke County Attorney:

  • A maximum civil fine of up to $1000.00
  • Subject to license of suspension
  • Revocation of license
  • Probation

The alcohol ordinance was officially voted into effect on Tuesday at the Athens Clarke County Commissioners meeting. The ordinance states that bars now have to place a dress code outside of their door, and most apply it uniformly to everyone. Another sign will be dedicated to letting potential occupants know a private party is going on. According to the ordinance the sign shall include:

“(i) that a private event is occurring; (ii) the specific area or areas within the licensed premises where the private event is being held; (iii) the duration of the event, specifying a beginning time and an ending time; and (iv) the following statement: “Requests for information regarding unlawful discrimination by alcoholic beverages licensees, together with any allegations of unlawful discrimination by such licensees or their agents, should be directed to the Athens-Clarke County Attorney’s Office. ”

Citizens, commissioners, and local organizations such as Athens for Everyone and Athens Anti Discrimination Movement consistently lobbied for this ordinance to be passed. To read our previous coverage click here.

By: LaPorsche Thomas

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