Cattle In Demand Connects Buyers with Live Stock Industry

Before technology if farmers needed farm equipment they would look in the classified section of the newspaper. That is all about to change. A new website called Cattle In Demand is making the process easier.

Jake Alford, co-founder of Cattle In Demand, says, “With everything going so heavily towards the internet, it’s instant access, you can get it right then we are trying to take advantage of that market and put those buyers and sellers together.”

Cattle In Demand acts as a middle man to link consumers and producers in the live stock industry. They host online sales by listing farm equipment, livestock, and even hay for purchase. The process is cheaper than live auctions. Buyers and sellers from any state can come to the website and get information about sales in their area.

Todd Alford, CEO of Cattle In Demand, says, “As fast paced as life is we decided why not use the internet.”

Producers and buyers found this technique to be easy and are slowly catching on to the process. Cattle In Demand is just the beginning of buying and selling in the livestock industry.


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