Changes to UGA’s ‘Old South’ Tradition

The Interfraternity Council and UGA Panhellenic Council say Greek students will no longer be allowed to dress in antebellum style clothing for annual parades.  This will affect the Kappa Alpha Fraternity’s Old South Week and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity’s Magnolia Parade.  These have been traditions at the University of Georgia since the late 1970’s.

Panahellenic says it will try to give refunds for any hoop dresses the girls who previously rented them.  However, the refund deadline is tomorrow, and no refunds have been given yet.  Reporter Taylor Bisciotti is looking into this story to find out why this change was made and Greek students’  reactions.

11:32 PM: Reporter Taylor spoke with Ford Kneel, a Kappa Alpha brother at the University of Georgia.  He has participated in the parade all four years at college, and he says even though he understands the decision to ban the attire, the event was really just a way of celebrating southern tradition.  However, he is sad that the younger brothers will not get to experience the tradition.

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