Clarke Central High School Principal Recognition

Athens, GA –  It might be a stormy day outside, but you wouldn’t know it looking at Clarke Central High School’s Principal, Dr. Robbie Hooker. Hooker’s advice when dealing with every day encounters: “You just have to keep a level head, and remember that, ya know, take one thing at a time. Don’t let someone else’s emergency become your emergency.”

To describe Dr. Hooker in one word it would be connected. Clarke Central’s Graphic Design teacher, Cutler Bleecker, says, “As far as all the different principals I’ve worked for over the years, Dr. Hooker seems to be the most accessible principal. He takes the time to get to know the students and his staff.” In fact, one of Dr. Hooker’s favorite part of the day is when he gets the chance to walk through the hallways when students are changing classes. He says, “Just today I met with two or three students talking about graduation – what do you need, how can we help you. And meeting with families and supporting the families.” That’s a word you hear a lot from Hooker: family. His philosophy “in dealing with kids, you deal with kids like they’re your own kids.” Dr. Hooker treats all 1,387 students at Clarke Central like family – with respect.

Dr. Hooker is 1 of 3 high school principals in Georgia to be named finalists for Principal of the Year. Dr. Hooker was shocked to hear he was nominated for the award, and still doesn’t even know who nominated him. The winner of Georgia’s Principal of the Year will be announced in early February.

Reporter: Laura Dunlap


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