Increase in Vinyl Record Sales

By: Alexcia Fauscett

Athens,Ga- Everything is digital these days. BUT one recent trend, even younger people are catching onto is going back to to the original sound of vinyl. “It’s a different experience from always having digital music that always sounds the exactly the same,” Wuxtry employee, Nate Mitchell points out.

This could explain the fourteen percent decrease in CD sales. Vinyl album sales, however have increased nineteen percent in the past year

Mark T.Weathersby, also known as DJ Mahogany was voted the number one DJ in Athens, and owns over one thousand records. Weatherby recounts,”I remember telling a friend of mine, don’t count vinyl out yet, because it’s going to make a huge comeback. It’s going to be huge. And it did. It started making a resurgence after two thousand, and now records are just everywhere.”

“Some of the best records I’ve bought, I’ve based on the album cover alone,” Weathersby says.

Hillary Riley, a student in UGA’s music business school says,”You can see what an album cover art looks like on the computer like in a little thumb size icon.” But it’s not the same as holding the physical copy on your hands. “I like that it’s not as simple, like i like that its something you can devote actual time to, and I feel like music in general deserves that time,” Riley explains.

Riley, like many other young music lovers has caught the vinyl bug. But is this a fad or is it here to stay?

“I think vinyl records won’t go back down, I think vinyl records are on the upsurge,” Weathersby says.

Wuxtry Records, on Clayton street, has been in business for thirty seven years and they haven’t seen crowds like this in a long time.





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