Classic City Brew Fest Raises Money for Animals

Athens, GA — Athens is on the cutting edge of the newest brewing trend — craft beers. This past weekend the 18th annual Classic City Brew Fest gave people a chance to sample hundreds of the unique beers, but there was more to the event than the taste of ales and IPAs.

You might call it a win win situation — drinking beer to help animals. Well, that’s exactly what the Classic City Brew Fest was all about.

Yesterday’s event featured around 350 rare beers from all over the world. Most of the beers at the event are known as craft beers, which means they were brewed by small, independent breweries.

But the Classic City Brew Fest wasn’t all about drinking and having fun, it actually went to support a good cause — the Athens Area Humane Society.

By: Alli Christensen


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