CDC Reports More Couples Living Together Before Marriage

The economic situation is having an unsual side effect on people. Reporter Cody Godwin spoke with a local expert that said more people are living together instead of getting married.

The CDC reports that it’s more 50-50; about half of couples are living together unmarried and while the other half are married. It gives some couples the best of both worlds.
People with higher educational levels, yes, like college students, are more likely to live together.

“It’s cheaper to live together for rent, or mortgage, and food, and utilities, and everything else is shared expenses,” said family therapist Jerry Gale.

One con that Dr. Gale mentioned was cohabilitating couples will often begin to take each other for granted and lose the romance. His advice to combat that?

“I would still recommend if the two of you choose to live together, you still take it seriously. And honor the commitment to be together,” Gale said.

The CDC reports that there is a about a seven percent increase in the number of couples cohabitating.
The number may have increased, but Dr Gale thinks it may not continue to do so if our economy stabilizes.
You can learn more about this study, and the other research the CDC is conducting by visiting their website