Cleaning Means Much More to This Primary School Custodian

ATHENS — Trash has to be picked up. The ground needs to be swept and mopped. The spider web hanging from the door has to be knocked down and the trash has to be taken out. Parents do it for their kids at home, but one man does all this for nearly 500 kids each day.

That man is Frankie Hill, a custodian at Oglethorpe County Primary School. Grady Newsource reporter Brian Garcia followed Hill around all day to see what a typical day is for him and to find out what his job means to him.

Hill’s work ethic is strong according to Principal Dr. Olivet James-Robinson. Hill says having a strong work ethic is something he learned when he was little. He does a variety of tasks, from things as little as changing the air fresheners in the bathroom to sweeping and waxing the floors.

Hill’s favorite part about being a custodian at Oglethorpe County Primary School is getting to be around young kids all day. Hill has worked at the Primary School for the last 11 years and has been a custodian for the past 17 years.

Hill is married, has one child and has three grandchildren.


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