Don’t Let Your Pet Catch the Cold

  • Pets suffer in the cold, just like their owners
  • Keeps pets indoors, if they have to go out make sure to cover them up
  • Don’t let pets eat the salt that is on the road


ATHENS, GA- Meet Hampton. He might be a little ball of fur, but that isn’t enough to keep him from being cold during the past couple of days. Leah Via, Hampton’s owner, is not afraid to take a little extra precaution when it comes to keeping Hampton warm. According to Leah, it’s okay if Hampton has an accident inside during these cold months because she tries to take him out as little as possible.

The Athens Animal Control (AAC) center is also taking extra measures to ensure that their facility, which is home to 27 animals, stays as comfortable as possible. Christy Champagne is the Athens Animal Control supervisor, she says that they keep all the animals inside at night. Not only this, but the animals get to wear sweaters which have been donated to the facility. Champagne said that they have also encountered a problem they have never had to deal with before: frozen water bowls. To prevent water bowls from freezing the workers at AAC have pour warm water into the bowls.

Veterinarian Dr. Ira Roth of the University of Georgia Vet School gave three important tips to remember to keep your pet healthy during the harsh temperatures. First, keep animals dry. If they go outside make sure to wipe the ice off your pet’s feet. Second, although the salt outside is good for the roads it is deadly for your pet. The salt contains antifreeze so if ingested it could severely harm or even kill your pet. Third, check your pets water bowl so you don’t encounter the problem previously mentioned at ACC.

Hampton is part of Leah’s family and he gets treated as such. With the precaution that Lea takes to keep not only herself warm, but her pet, all Hampton has to worry about is play time.


Reporters: Courtney Emery, Emily Turk, Allie Salsman


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