Coming Home: One Man’s Journey to His Roots

Josh Smiles
Josh Hawkins, Oglethorpe County Commission Administrator

One Oglethorpe County worker is proof that home is where the heart is.

Josh Hawkins ended his seven years in the U.S. Army with a deep-rooted    desire to  return home and serve those in his community through public administration. While  managing budget, employees and county operations can  be hard, Hawkins says he does it  with love because of the care and connection  he has to Oglethorpe County.

There’s really no amount of compensation that could replace being around family for me…I’m just tickled to death that I get to live here and have a career here, and it’s really an ideal situation for me.” – Josh Hawkins

Hawkins worked in aviation when he was in the Army. He says: “I still fly. When I was in the Army, I flew black hawks…we have a little airport…we went to Charleston on our honeymoon, so we flew out there.”

Josh and his new bride.
Josh and his new bride.

Hawkins loves his home land so much that he was recently married there. “A month or so ago, I got married here on the farm, and so there’s a lot of emotional attachment with just the land.”

Meet the Animals  

Guard dog, Bella
Guard dog, Bella
Pet dog Tucker
Pet dog Tucker
He's the guard goat, named Scapegoat.
He’s the guard goat, named Scapegoat.


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