2-Year TIM Plan to Begin Development

WATKINSVILLE — More than 400 miles of roadway in Oconee County could be repaved within a 20 year period if county officials approve funding. The roads are expected to last for 20 years if properly repaired.

Public Works Director Emil Beshara has proposed a two-year Transportation Improvement and Maintenance plan to the Oconee County commissioners. It came during a scheduled work session Friday that would combine 2015 Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax revenue with money from the Georgia Department of Transportation as well as other available sources.

In a six element plan, Beshara outlined the goals that would develop between Fiscal Year 2017 and 2018:

  1. Road Resurfacing
  2. Road Maintenance Minimization
  3. Intersection Improvement
  4. Design Studies
  5. Bridge Repair and Maintenance
  6. Major Transportation Upgrades and Improvements

Beshara said they are ambitious goals, but he’s confident they can be accomplished with pre-planning.

Commissioners are awaiting funding announcements from the state to make final decisions.

Adding to the urgency of the discussion were the impending weather conditions. Beshara assured Commission Chairman Melvin Davis that county workers are prepared to distribute salt along the roadways in the event of any future icy storm.

“We have taken steps to make sure we have the materials that we typically need to respond to an ice and snow event,” he said.

The Board of Commissioners will hold an agenda meeting Tuesday to review FY 2015’s financial audit and plan for 2016.

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By Michelle Baruchman @mlbaruchman


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