Athens’ Commissioners to Address Controversial Topics

Athens, Ga– Two controversial topics got a lot of discussion among the commissioners on Tuesday. One about the new economic Development plan. Reporter Hannah Patrick says the other has to do with wetlands in Athens.

The New economic development plan is going to include a sales team of people to recruit businesses to the athen’s area. The hope is to bring economic development for health care, arts, restaurants, and more.
However, they may need more money than they originally intended. These funds may have to come from the taxpayer’s beginning in May. Commissioner Doug Lowry thinks this is going to be a big issue for the citizens.

Lowry says, “I don’t believe the first thing you should do is well lets raise taxes for some nebulous thing and Ill tell you later what I am going to do with it.”
The new economic development plan is an ongoing process that’s going to take place this year, but they are also discussing removing a 75 buffer from wetlands in athens.

These buffers are different from the state of Georgia’s restrictions. Comissioners want to see the buffers gone so buildings can be built closer to ponds and streams in Athens.
Nothing has been set for funds yet, but they will continue to discuss the issue of where they will come from.