Damsel in Defense Offers Line of Handbags to Work With Concealed Carry

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The damsel in distress…is going on the defensive. The women of Athens now have the chance to rock a fashionable hand bag, with a bigger punch than just swinging it granny style over an attacker’s head. Damsel in Defense is a fashion company that sells self defense tools, in color. Their headline product is the concealed carry purse, with a built-in concealed weapon holster, and a concealed pouch. It’s time for the lipstick and the iPhone to make room for the pink taser and teal pepper spray. Damsel in Defense’s mission to equip, empower, and educate woman on self defense has spread across the nation.

Reporter Jane Mo talked with Christy Martin, the woman who brought this handbag to Athens. Martin said her passion for women’s self defense comes from her many years as a firefighter, and her fears for her young daughter.

“Just being in public safety for over 20 years, I see the results of domestic violence. Fortunately I’m not a victim of domestic violence, but many of my friends are. I have a thirteen-year old daughter, and I want her to be confident going out into the world, and knowing that she can protect herself”.

For more information on these bags…visit firedamsel.com. The American Black Belt Academy will also hold a Women’s Self Defense class on April 30th.



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