Dear Professor, Students Writing Letters to Show Respect

ATHENS, Ga- The Center for Teaching and Learning at UGA has a program that allows students to send influential teachers a letter of thanks. Students send the letter after filling out a form. The form is then converted into a letter the teachers receive.

The Thank-a-Teacher program allows students to fill out a quick survey and include a personal message telling their teacher how their class affected the student’s life.  Dr. Hagood says the program receives between 150 to 200 letters a semester. He says Thank-a-Teacher is starting new partnerships with other programs on campus to increase the numbers even higher.

The new Thank-Teacher system uses a survey format that now makes it easier for workers to receive all the necessary data. The data is then converted to a letter format including the teacher’s correct title, the personal message, and where the letter needs to be sent. Students also have the new option of remaining anonymous or giving permission to have their comments shared to promote the Thank-a-Teacher program. Diann Moorman is a teacher sho has recieved many letters from past students. She says it validates why they chose to become teachers.

The Center for Teaching and Learning says the thank you letters for this semester are being approved and will go out in the next two weeks.


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