Tate, The Land Down Under


By: Chelsea Beimfohr

Things are hopping at Tate! Tuesday morning the University of Georgia’s Tate student center transformed into the land down under. UGA Discover Abroad brought two kangaroos to campus to promote their study abroad program to Australia.

“We just wanted to bring kangaroos out today because we wanted everyone to be aware of our study abroad program to Australia,” said UGA Discover Abroad marketing coordinator, Allie Fionda. “Kangaroos are a really fun and cute animal so we thought it would be a fun way to catch everyone’s attention.”

The kangaroos attracted a crowd of students, professors, and even some young daycare children. Kids young and old enjoyed petting the soft marsupials.

Although kangaroos are native to Australia’s Outback, these kangaroos came from Wildlife Wonders in Cleveland, Georgia. “We’re here to encourage people to not only enjoy kangaroos but give them a chance to go out and see them in the wild on a study abroad program,” said Wildlife Wonders animal handler, Tom Bennett.

According to Bennett, kangaroos are amazing creatures who can jump 40 to 45 miles per hour, clearing 20 to 25 feet in a single bounce. “If you see them in the wild they kind of have the same personality as deer… if something scares them they’re going to just jump away.”

If you’re considering studying abroad, you can find more details on the UGA Discover Abroad website.


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