Dental Safety

Athens, Ga–Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Two medical conditions nearly seven thousand dental patients may have possibly been exposed to at a clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Reporter Wes Clark caught up with a local dentist who says despite this unfortunate event, his facility is still sanitary to pracitce dental medicine

Dr. Hall is a general dentist here in Athens. With the dental malpractice tragedy that occurred recently, he says that his office takes dental sanitation seriously.”We take all of the instruments and run them through different procedures. We use ultrasonic, we scrub them, bag them, then they go through the autoclave. We treat those instruments as if they were going in our own mouths,” says Dr. Hall. Richard Weber who is District two Dental Director in Hall County, says that their clinics follow the regular dental guidelines. “We follow the CDC guidelines for disinfection as well as the ADA guidelines which is basically the same thing,” says Mr. Weber. The next time you make a trip to the dentist, Dr. Hall urges you to speak up if your ever uncomfortable with anything. “Its important because your paying for a service and you should be able to ask tough questions about whats going on in there,” says Dr. Hall.

Dr. Hall also mentioned that if you are asking tough questions and if the dentist and their staff can’t answer them, then those are some red flags for you to get out of there.


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