Do Millennials Suck? IBM Study Says Nah

Everyone seems to think that Millennials are the literal worst. On all sides of the political spectrum, from Bill Maher to Breitbart to Millenials themselves, everyone seems to think that the Millennial Generation (born between roughly 1980 and 2000) are going to be the downfall of the current world order.

Common myths include claims that Millennials: stay at home and refuse to go out on their own due to laziness, will not work hard without constantly being patted on the back, and over share way too much of their personal and professional lives online.

An IBM conducted survey/study attempts to debunk some of these common misconceptions.  Please see below:

IBM Institute for Business Value Survey and Study

If IBM’s study doesn’t satisfy you, then maybe Adam Conover (famous internet human) can convince you that the “Millennial Generation” does not actually exist at all.

Daniel JacksonGrady Newsource