Dollar General Could Improve Madison County’s Economy

By: Kristin Miller

A new Dollar General will be built on the corner of Highway 106 and Hanley Road in Madison County. District one commissioner Stanley Thomas said the opportunity to increase jobs helped him decide to approve the construction.

“The biggest factor when I looked at it in the end was it was 10 to 12 jobs,” Thomas said. “When you have people who are unemployed and you have jobs for them, and when they make money they’ll spend money.”

The Dollar General will provide jobs for citizens, but that also means one job is left in uncertainty. The store will replace what is now Red’s Garage, a local automotive repair shop. Red’s owner Harvey Adams said although he will be forced to relocate, he supports the decision to build on his lot.

“The extra tax money might save the homeowners around here from their taxes being raise,” Harvey said.

Thomas said the tax revenue brought in from Dollar General, including property tax and inventory tax, could bring in one hundred thousand dollars to the county. He said forty or fifty thousand dollars would be used to fund the school systems.


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