Winter Weather Preparedness Week Begins

By: Sam Lack

Today marks the start of Winter Weather Preparedness Week across all of Georgia. However, Northeast Georgia just experienced one of its warmest weeks in recent years. At one point, the temperature reached as high as 73 degrees fahrenheit. The average temperature during the final week of November is 55.5 degrees fahrenheit, the highest in almost 10 years.

The first day of December is right around the corner, and so is colder weather. In fact, the average temperature is expected to drop as much as 16 degrees with low temperatures hovering around 40. The line graph below shows changes in average temperatures from the final week of November to the first week of December over the last five years and this year. For more information on this week’s forecast, tune in to Grady Newsource this evening at 5 p.m.

Weather Image.001


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