Morgan County, GA– “It’s my brother’s 22nd birthday, and he passed away 4 years ago…” says Griffin Sorohan as he reflects on the day that changed his life forever. He was just 14 years old when his big brother Caleb was killed when he collided with a truck as he was texting and driving.

Now he is old enough to know that his brother did not have to die, and he’s not keeping quiet about it. He, his classmates, and teachers at Morgan County High School are creating awareness to stop texting and driving, once and for all.

Griffin says, “We are saving other people from having to go through the pain we went through and that we are going through.”

They have chosen to spend the day making and decorating signs that will be posted all around the school. One particular sign says “Is it worth it?” and Griffin knows in his brother’s case… It definitely wasn’t.

“We’re getting the word out that you should not text while you’re driving, and maybe if my brother had heard that enough, he would still be here.”

In honor of Caleb Sorohan, Morgan County High School students and teachers are also signing pledges, promising to never touch their phones while in the driver’s seat.

Amy BeMent, Caleb’s former teacher, says this cause is and will always be close to her heart.

She says, “We’ve asked all of our students to take the pledge, and my students are currently working on displaying those pledges to show our commitment to not texting while driving.”

Morgan County High School’s Principal remembers Caleb to be “always smiling.” He says he feels bittersweet–proud of his MCHS students who are working hard to stop texting and driving but missing Caleb at the same time.

Not only was Caleb a good student, but he was an irreplaceable brother to a 18 year old boy who tweeted that morning,”…Words can’t explain how much I miss just being able to talk to my brother. #takethepledge”

Even though he’s gone physically, Griffin knows Caleb’s spirit is with them. He says, “I know he’d be proud of our family and mc as a whole because we’ve come together so well in this movement towards not texting while driving.”

Joy Lee, Grady NewSource

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