END IT Athens Raises Awareness About Slavery

Athens, GA – When you hear the word slavery you might think it’s a thing of the past, but your wrong. It still exists. In fact, today, over 20 million slaves are in the world. Right now people are being forced to do intense labor for long hours. END IT Athens is coming together to give these slaves a voice.

Alexandra Hedbon, Co-organizer of END IT Athens, talks about the event END IT Athens is putting on to raise awareness about how slavery still exists. She says, “It’s going to be from 9:00 a.m. all the way until 12:00 noon on Friday. The reason why its going that long because there is an estimated 27 million slaves that still exists in the world today and we want to shine a light on that by having the event be 27 hours long.”

END IT Athens want people to recognize that they can help. We all can make a difference and fight slavery. What you may not know is the products you buy like apparel, clothes, coffee, and even shoes could be made by slaves.

Katie Strickland, UGA Student, says, “It breaks my heart honestly it is awful to know slaves actually work for me. And the fact that I didn’t even know that initially is crazy.”


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