Student Faces DUI Charges

A 21 year old student left two thousand dollars worth of damage behind him after what appears to be a drunken ride and reporter Jeffrey McNair has been out gathering the details

Tyler Beers is said to have jumped the curb near the intersection of Thomas and Oconee Street striking a crosswalk sign and fire hydrant. Officers say they heard a strange noise and then noticed Beers in a jeep with a flattened tire and front end damage swerving. They say he smelled of alcohol and stumbled when he got out of the vehicle. Police say it was enough to take him into custody.

DUI Attourney Jeff Rothman says otherwise,
Beers was released on bond and his family did not wish to comment at this time.

Police say Beers registered a .211 on a breathalyzer and the legal limit is .08. We spoke with a UGA official near the scene who said the fire hydrant and damagaged sign seem to have already been replaced or repaired.


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