Family of Vehicular Homicide Victim to Convicted Athens Man: ‘He Deserves the Full Sentence’

Edwin Juarez Alpizar awaits sentencing in a Madison County court after being convicted of vehicular homicide, DUI, fleeing the scene, and more.
Edwin Juarez Alpizar awaits sentencing in a Madison County court after being convicted of vehicular homicide, DUI, fleeing the scene, and more.

By Danielle Herman

UPDATE (12:18 p.m.): Edwin Juarez Alpizar has been sentenced to 19 years in prison.

The following are the six accounts of the sentencing:

  • Account 1: homicide by vehicle in the first degree, 15 years (10 in confinement, balance on probation) and $1000 fine
  • Account 2: will merge with the sentence of account 1
  • Account 3: DUI, 12 months
  • Account 4: driving without a license suspended, 12 months
  • Account 5: failure to maintain lane, 12 months
  • Account 6: possession of alcohol, 12 months

Judge Malcom also prohibited the consumption of alcohol at any time, and recommended that Juarez Alpizar attend the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment For State Prisoners Program while jailed. There was also a special condition of probation requiring that upon release, Juarez Alpizar will be required to follow up and continue alcohol and substance abuse counseling and treatment.

All contact between Juarez Alpizar and the victim’s immediate family was prohibited.

Juarez Alpizar was banished from northern judicial circuit, which includes Madison, Franklin, Hart, Elbert, and Oglethorpe Counties.


Daisy Rodriguez spoke towards the man responsible for her brother’s death through heavy sobs Wednesday morning.

“I’m speaking for all of my siblings, and we really believe he deserves the full sentence,” Rodriguez said. “He has not shown any compassion towards our family at all.”

Rodriguez’s brother, Danny Cencerous, 31, was killed in a Madison County crash three years ago. Edwin Juarez Alpizar, 20, was driving under the influence when he swerved into a tree and fled, leaving Cencerous to die.

Juarez Alpizar will hear his sentence from Northern Circuit Judicial Superior Court Judge Jeffery Malcom after being convicted by a jury on Friday at the conclusion of a four-day trial.

According to the, the crash happened on Sept. 21, 2013 on Garnett Ward Road in Hull, Georgia, after Juarez Alpizar weaved across the road and hit a sign and a tree. Juarez Alpizar and another unknown passenger fled the scene of the wreck on foot.

Cencerous, who was riding in the backseat, died on the scene.

The authorities who arrested Juarez Alpizar about four hours after the crash in Athens reported  he was under the influence of alcohol.

Juarez Alpizar was convicted of first degree homicide by vehicle, DUI, suspended license, weaving over roadway, an underage misdemeanor and leaving the scene.

Diagram of Accident from the accident report
Diagram of the wreck from the Georgia State Patrol’s accident report.

Grady Newsource reporter Jordan Mecca is at the sentencing in Madison County and will continue to update this article.


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