The Madison Co. Board of Commissioners is currently considering a pitch from a fixed- wireless internet service provider, Open Broadband.

The board receives many complaints from residents about slow internet service in the county. The county currently uses a DSL internet provider.

“DSL uses traditional phone lines to connect consumers to the Internet, which is typically slower, but still reliable,” says John Streetman, IT Professional Specialist.

Board Chairman, John Scarborough, says the board wants to switch from DSL to broadband.

“Because of the topography, the rolling hills and things like that. We’ve always had issues. With the introduction of many companies and broadband, we are trying to do this, ” says Scarborough.

Alan Fitzgerald, CEO of Open Broadband, says his company provides Internet services up to 100 times faster than DSL to residents and businesses in rural areas.

The Madison Co. Seat, Danielsville, has already voted to partner with a wireless internet provider. However, the Madison Co. Board of Commissioners has not decided when they will vote on the countywide wireless internet pitch.



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