Library Celebrates Fifty Years of FoxFire Magazine

(Photo: Kendall Meissner)
(Photo: Kendall Meissner)

ATHENS, Ga.– The University of Georgia Special Collections Library will be holding an exhibit beginning tonight for an iconic magazine’s 50th anniversary.

Foxfire magazine began in 1966 in Rayburn County, Georgia as a school project. The teacher’s idea was to get students more interested and involved in learning journalism through hands on experience.

“The students interviewed and photographed their grandmothers, grandfathers, parents and other community members,” says Foxfire exhibit co-curator Dixie Gallups.

The students then put all of the photographs and interviews together and created a class magazine. They did this year after year. In 1972, the magazine became one of the nations best selling magazines.

“It was supposed to just be a class assignment, but it’s been going on for fifty years,” says Gallup.

The exhibit will feature artifacts and photos that highlight the traditions and practices of the Appalachian culture.

“They’ve gotten a real variety of materials that will make it interesting for people to come and learn about the Foxfire experience,” says the communications director of the University Libraries Jean Cleveland.

“I just hope they look at what’s been crated, what the folks from that community created and realize how special it is… because in the world today, we waste so much and they never waste anything. Those folks never wasted a thing. They had to use everything they had because they didn’t have a lot,” says Director of Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collections Ruta Abolins.

The Foxfire exhibit opens tonight at six and goes until December 16.

By: Kendall Meissner


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