People on social media are suggesting schools arm teachers in the classroom to make schools safer. The Floyd County Board of Education in the Rome area talked about this idea in a meeting this morning. After checking in with schools in the area, Reporter Robin McEntire says no schools are considering this idea.

Floyd County Board of Education member, Jay Shell, posted on his facebook Saturday questioning if arming teachers would make schools safer. Local boards of education say they have not been discussing this idea here. Shell says his intentions were to spark conversation about school safety and the possibilties for improvement.

“A lot of people took it literal that I am just ready to give all teacher’s guns and that was never the point of my post. The point of my post was to get the conversation started,” said Shell.

The Floyd County Board of Education says the policy change necessary and the danger involved in arming teachers is too high to consider. It did not discuss arming teachers further. So far, Athens-Clarke County, Jackson County, Oconee County, and Floyd County say arming teachers is not something they are even discussing. The schools already have school resource officers.

Ivan Ingermann, an associate professor in the fine arts department at The University of Georgia, is a part of a group called “Keep the G Gun Free.” Ingermann is a father who has a student in the system. He says arming teachers is asking a lot.

While the school districts are aware of the national discussion, they all say they don’t want armed teachers here. Local schools have officers on school grounds to keep students safe. Arming teachers is not something that local boards believe is necessary.