Food Bank of NE Georgia Marks 25th Anniversary With New Expansion


The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia has worked the past 25 years to feed those in need. CEO John Becker, has worked the past few years to expand the food bank, which now serves 10 million meals a year.

“I’ve been heading up the food bank for 13-14 years now,” said John Becker, CEO and President of the food bank. “We’ve really grown into our mission. We put together a major building campaign to put together the resources that we need to end hunger.”

The Food Bank has seen a lot of changes in its 25 years, most recently a new warehouse connected two previous warehouses and air conditioning to help keep volunteers cool as they work on hot days like today.

“The volunteers are basically here to help us run the facility and further programs that we really don’t have the manpower to do,” said Area Aghdasi, a volunteer coordinator.

Local non-profits and agencies that work with the Food Bank say the food they get from the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is vital in their efforts of helping feed their communities.

“We supply food to 50 families or more in Hartwell, Georgia and surrounding areas,” said Vicki Scowers of Heart Community Food Ministry. “We come here shopping every other Monday trying to get good deals, and then we distribute the food later on that afternoon.”

She said  shopping at the food bank is a big advantage. The good price, quality and quantity of food is very helpful to her organization.


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