Former Congressman’s Ex-Chief of Staff Resigned Same Day of Indictment

David Bowser resigned yesterday as chief of staff to California Congresswoman Mimi Walters. Bowser resigned on the same day he was indicted on eight counts for alleged incidents during his time as chief of staff to former Congressman of Georgia’s 10th District, Paul Broun. 

The Department of Justice indictment is related to Bowser’s alleged misuse of taxpayer money to fund campaigns. Walters issued this statement to Grady Newsource:

“David Bowser tendered his resignation on April 6, 2016. The charges against him involve incidents alleged to have occurred in the office of former Georgia Congressman Paul Broun in 2012-2014,  before Rep. Walters became a member of Congress.”
Broun is currently running for Georgia’s 9th Congressional District.

Broun issued a statement saying, “I am disappointed by today’s indictment of Mr. Bowser. All my experience with Mr. Bowser led me to believe he was keenly knowledgeable of the House ethics rules and was diligent in applying those rules to the management of our office.”

Republican Roger Fitzpatrick is Broun’s opponent running for Georgia’s 9th District. Fitzpatrick issued this statement to Grady Newsource:

“Without knowing all of the facts, I hate to come to any conclusion, but just the simple fact that Mr. Bowser was indicted raises serious questions in my mind whether or not the former Congressman should serve the 9th District.” 

You can view the full indictment here David Bowser Indictment




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