UPDATED: Funeral for UGA student to be held today

The funeral for Mikal “Miki” Ghirmazghi will be held on Monday, March 23 at 11 a.m. The service is scheduled to be Ashley Jacksonheld at Gregory B. Levett and Sons Funeral Home at the Avondale-Scottdale Chapel in Scottdale, GA.

Carrie Campbell from University Housing asks that people please be respectful of Ghirmazghi’s family and friends who have lost someone very dear to them very suddenly.

Candlelight vigil to honor staff member Miki Ghrimazghi: Monday, March 23, 8 p.m. on the lawn right outside of Russell Hall (Brumby Beach).

Grady Newsource reporter Kendall Trammell is speaking with some of her friends on campus today.

Some students that knew Ghirmazghi say they weren’t comfortable in being on camera in the wake of their friend’s death. They did share some of their photos with Ghirmazghi and their posts on Facebook.

Devonta L. SmithTobi Olagunju met Ghirmazghi their sophomore year. They saw each other at African Student Union meetings and had classes together.

“She was very friendly,” he said. “She always smiled and always pushing for the best for others.”

Danny Bounds is the senior coordinator for UGA’s Center for Leadership and Service and worked with Ghirmazghi through Service Ambassadors.

Ghirmazghi, 21, was supposed to graduate in May. She was also a service ambassador at UGA along with being a residential assistant for University Housing.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation did an autopsy on Ghirmazghi on Saturday. UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson said there are no updates from that report. It could be anywhere from one to two months before results are released.

Students in Russell Hall have created a memorial in the lobby for Miki with photos, flowers and messages of hope.

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