Gainesville Prepared For Winter Weather

Gainesville, GA–A mix of frozen rain and sleet is supposed to hit Northeast Georgia between 10 and 12 a.m. tomorrow, and the Department of Transportation in Gainesville has their trucks ready to put salt and stone on the roads to prevent accidents and other traffic problems.

Although winter weather and traffic are never a good combination, one Gainesville resident says the conditions don’t scare him.

Asif Haiderali says he isn’t nervous or scared, and added “I just think if everybody drives carefully and cautiously we should be okay.”

Gainesville is one of the largest metropolitan areas outside of Atlanta–so, people are taking this wintery mix seriously. Also since the city is located very close to the mountains, the residents are used to it. So hopefully, Gainesville as well as other cities in Northeast Georgia won’t be seeing any accidents tomorrow.

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