Back From Beyond The Hedges

-Athens, Ga. An NFL player is back in Athens to finish is up his degree. Reporter Jeffrey McNair caught up with UGA’s own Orson Charles to find out more about his return.

Not many people with a job making more than 3 hundred thousand a year would think twice about returning to school but Cincinnati Bangles Tight-End Orson Charles is back from beyond the hedges.

“I heard the best feeling of your life is to walk across that stage and graduating. Thats the feeling I’m trying to get. Yes Ive had my number called for th draft, yes I won state championship, yes I’ve won X amount of awards but I definitely want that degree,” says Orson.

Orson’s not so different from every other UGA student. He works out, he eats, he goes to class, and he studies.

John Lilly, Charles’ former Tight Ends Coach at UGA says, “I’m extremely proud of Orson for making the decision to come back and for what he’s done with football using that as an avenue to make a living.”

Last year Orson’s dream came true when he was drafted into the NFL. But he decided that he wanted more.

When I left early, I think that one of the major thing I told my mom,I was going to make sure I come back to finish my degree.

Mothers seem to be a driving force for many players including one time NFL and MLB great, Bo Jackson.

The NFL wouldn’t talk on camera but sent us a booklet which explains that since the early 90’s the NFL has been providing resources to help to their players have successful careers after football.

“If you have dreams to be whatever you want to be do not let your background or situation or any one get in your way,”Charles says.

It may take Orson a little longer than everyone else to finish school but for right now, he living his dream and making his mother proud.

-Jeffrey McNair Reporting


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