Georgia Legislature Discuss Legalizing Marijuana

  • House Rep. Allen Peake and State Senate Josh McKoon are pushing for a possible bill that would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.
  • The proposal would mean marijuana is only available by prescription from medical doctors to those with serious medical issues.
  • Athens House Representative Regina Quick says she is “keeping an open mind” on the subject.

ATHENS, GA- Georgia House Representative Allen Peake (R) and State Senate Josh McKoon (R) are pushing to propose a bill that would allow for the use of marijuana prescribed to those with serious medical conditions.

Athens House Representative Regina Quick says she is not necessarily opposed to the idea. She says, “I’m looking forward to reading the proposal and hearing from the experts on the issue. I’m keeping an open mind and look forward to learning more about the subject.”

Camden County Representative Jason Spencer says he supports the move as long as people are not smoking the substance.

Spencer says, “I think my voters are open to a defined and tightly controlled definition of what medicinal marijuana is or could be. I do oppose an insulation route of administration of cannabis, but I would not be opposed to an oral form or an oil form or a topical application, or maybe even  intravenous or IM (intramuscular injection) of cannabis if it was used for control of certain medical conditions.”

The proposal is available to read online in PDF form here.


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  • jamie gibdon

    I suffer from severe back problems and severe arthritis in all of my joints. My dr has said I would benefit from medical marijuana. It needs to be open to more than just the three medical conditions that are being discussed. It is proven through medical testing that i would benefit from it. I am glad to see us moving foward in this issue and maybe one day I will be able to recieve a simple plant that can help me as well.

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