Gov. Deal Officially Vetoed Religious Freedom Bill

Governor Nathan Deal has officially vetoed H.B. 757 otherwise known as the ‘religious liberty’ bill. The bill would have allowed religious officials and business owners to decide whether they want to sell items to or perform services for individuals based on their sexual preference. When he spoke about the bill yesterday Governor Nathan deal said, “Our actions on House Bill 757 are not just about protecting the faith based community, or providing business friendly climate for job growth in Georgia. I believe its about the character of our state.”

There was strong reaction to the governor’s veto, with most of students on the University of Georgia campus  in support of the veto. Jane Morris an ambassador for the LGBT research center at UGA believes Governor’s deal veto was a step in the right direction.

“We deserve to have rights, we deserve to have equality and opportunity in the United States” Morris said strongly.

Senator Mike Crane said he would ask for a special session of the legislature to override the governor’s veto of bill. Grady Newsource reached out to him several times, but he has still yet to respond.



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