Bill to Allow Firefighters to Gain More Workers’ Compensation Rights

A bill which made its way through the Georgia General Assembly aims to allow firefighters diagnosed with cancer a chance to apply for workers compensation benefits.

House Bill 216, is currently still under review, but it’s effect could potentially aid firefighters. Local Elbert County firefighter, Douglas Spencer says its what you don’t see that can do the most harm and House Bill 216 might just help.

“This particular bill is going to help out in the things that come after the flames are put out. There are actually more hazards then when the house is on fire, because when you see flames you know thats a problem,” Spencer said.

The bill would allow firefighters diagnosed with cancer, because of the work environment to receive workers compensation. Spencer says the big picture is about more than just the firefighters.

“You do have mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands that aren’t the firefighter. They don’t have the drive, they don’t have the passion, they don’t have the superhuman syndrome. So to know that your firefighter family member is taking care of is a relief to them.”

The bill is currently on Governor Nathan Deal’s desk awaiting his signature.


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